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Submersible Pump Canned Motor

Basic Features
Corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel Exterior
Stainless Steel Splined Shaft
Hermetically-sealed Windings
Anti-track Self-healing Resin System
Filter Check Valve
Water Lubrication
Kingsbury-type Thrust Bearing
Pressure-equalizing Diaphragm
Built-in Lightning Arrestors (All Single-phase;200 & 230 V Three-Phase)
Removable Water Bloc Lead
TEK-manufactured Control Boxes Available for Single-Phase Motors
Special Features
No fl ow inducer sleeve required in water up to 86 F (30 C) for motors through 2 Hp.
Two-wire motors are split-phase designs with integral starting components and do not require a
control box. They feature same as Franklins 2-wire BIAC starting switch which provides Reverse
Impact Torque to aid starting in adverse environments and prevents extreme fast cycling (e.g.
water logged tank).
Three-wire motors through 1 Hp use Franklins exclusive 3-wire QD (Quick Disconnect) Control Box
with the patented QD Relay. This relay provides the ultimate in operational life.
Single-phase motors can be used with Pumptec products to protect against dry-run and other installation
conditions that can damage motors and/or pumps. See Single-phase Protection Devices for
Constant Pressure Options
Use USR's SPC1 controller with 1 1/2 Hp three-wire single-phase motors to provide constant
water pressure.
Three-phase motors can b e used with USR's SPC3 controllers to provide constant water pressure
Pollution Recovery Option
Pollution Recovery motors are equipped for use in monitoring and recovery wells in which hydrocarbons and
other chemicals may be present.
Special Viton rubber parts and other chemical
For 50 and 60 Hertz Models Ending in 0117,1216,1217,1616,1618,1916,1918,
3116,4116,4416,9004,9204 & 9404

100QJP SS Submersible Canned Motor
4” Submersible canned motor & Pump
Thermoplastic Impellers
Single Phase: 1/2~2HP
115V, 230V/60Hz;  220V/50Hz
Three Phase:1/3~10HP
200, 230, 380, 460, 575V/60Hz;  220, 380, 415V/50Hz

150QJP SS Submersible Canned Motor
6” Submersible canned motor & Pump
Stainless Steel Impellers
Three Phase:5.5~30HP
380, 460, 575V/60Hz;  380

Product Power: 0.55-22kw
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